The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I am a consumer whore.

Today I went to the BIG LOTS! because bruisedhips had assured me that they had the Spicy Cheezits with Tabasco. The spice must flow so I went. She was right; that woman knows her discount stores. Because it was the BIG LOTS! I also ended up purchasing a set of Old Spice Red Extreme Climber Men’s Toiletries with Carabiner and Humor Value for xtreme_pr0k, some Spicy Spam with Tabasco for vegemitelover, some terrifyingly bad Panda Candy for redmaenad, and some German Organic Rye Kernel Bread in a plastic bag that is made of neutron stars and weighs a pound although it is the size of a Cheeto for friendly_bandit. It is the general consensus that I should stay away from the BIG LOTS! now.

I then went to Cost Plus World Market where I purchased green and jasmine tea, Thai spices, the double-salt Dutch licorice that only I can eat and live, a backscratcher ($1.49), and some soap.

By the way the Old Spice Red Extreme Climber Mens Toiletries smell just awful. Don’t open the box, just enjoy the joke.
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