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People I think should meet

You’re all on my list here one way or another and I’m not sure which of you reads which other of you, but:

nickjb and rroseselavyoui : For love of surreal film and dark, obscure art, desire to experience and participate in same, and enthusiasm for the creative life. Also, libraries!

genericus and jtemperance : Shared enjoyment of dissonant music and an eclectic appreciation of a lot of different kinds of noise!

bruisedhips and turnip : Two talented, smart, sarcastic women who should read each other and conspire with each other against the rest of us. Lots of art, swearing, and cahoots might well occur.

vegemitelover and predicate : people who think, discuss, and make jokes about things that matter like software, love, and God

xtreme_pr0k and fg : EXTREME CLIMBER DUDES!!! (also geeks)

There are probably others.
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