The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban


To: Bennett Clapp, Senior VP, Marketing
From: Staci Sauci, Director, Marketing Initiatives
Re: The Passion


We have some real movement here and I wanted to touch base with you and let you know what our direction is. You’re going to be as excited as we are with these!
  1. The console gaming contract is 90% firm. Chalice Games is our preferred partner for the XBox market and they have some really dynamic ideas. Both custom controller sellpoints look like a go (hammer and cross) and they have some really sharp Easter Egg ideas. We’ve been working with some of the Extreme Church groups for channel marketing and they are very receptive. I’ve attached some screenshots and a walkthrough movie that we had them do as a rough cut. Let me know what you think of the mix because we did have to adjust the story line a bit to work with this as a sidescroller.

  2. The restaurant tie-ins are locked down. Currently we have Taco Bell’s “Don’t Let this Cup Pass” supersize instant win running through April with a Jerusalem trip Grand Prize and they’re cross promoting like crazy. In April we begin Long John Silver’s 30-piece Combo with collectible nail pendant. We did end up removing the standups from the Outback Steakhouse because they had issues with it impacting their entree sales. However, we have a lot of good response from the TGI Good Fridays “Crown of Thorny Onions” appetizer promo to fill the gap in that demographic.

  3. I know you had concerns about our lack of sellthrough in the kids area so here’s what we have cooking. We have sent out Reenactment Study Guides to schoolteachers and we’ll have people following that up as well to get kids involved more directly. Providing the teachers with multimedia, props etc. is the next step on that ramp-up. We’re also proactively targeting the costume market for October which we are sure will fill a gap for spiritually oriented “Harvest Festival” dressup. I will let you know asap if the Bubble-Yum thing is a go.

This has been a really different campaign, Benn, and we’re all “Passionate” about making promotion happen. I haven’t been this excited about cross-selling and licensing since we did Triple-X together!

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