The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

i'll hide my tears in the rain

Saw Neko Case perform tonight at the Derby. I want to take her home with me, sit her on the couch, and hand her $5 every second to sing, until I run out of money. She is so good.

It was her, Kelly Hogan, and Carolyn Mark with a couple of backup guys. Not what I’d expected, not a full band or anything, but amazingly good. The three of them traded off.

The openers were a forgettably bland wommyn’s music acoustic guitar Lilith Fair boredom duo (the Indigo Girls have a lot to answer for) and a guy who had a sort of Tim Buckley/David Bowie/Big Star’s Third thing going on. He was good but not as good as he thinks. He needs to edit more.

It was good to meet jtemperance in person; I’m glad that worked out!

Neko and her friends have a way of making full-volume long-note heartrending country and gospel music sound effortless, as though they were flying around the club above our heads. It’s really breathtaking when a singer can achieve that.

I’m very sad tonight about things I can’t fix and shouldn’t talk about any more.
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