The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

So here's our strategy, Eugene

So we have this cute actress, see. And she played a teenager in her last gig and people thought she was cute, okay? We got a big response from the Maxim types. So, we’re gonna put her in a movie where she plays -- get this -- a former adult film star! Okay! And she has this romance with an ordinary teen, Mr. American Boy Next Door, right? Every boy’s dream. It’s okay ‘cause she’s 21 for real. But damn if she doesn’t look 16.

Right, so I have the press people working on a cute little release about her researching porn and shit, and whatever. We’re going big with this. Yeah, the 18-49 is gonna suck this up. Especially that NASCAR Dad demographic.

And Eugene, don’t worry. If she doesn’t work out we can just sell her to Vivid. We’re covered both ways.
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