The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Empty voices, empty mouths, talk about the Passion

Enough “news” about Mel’s Jesus movie already. If he did for Christ what he did for Hamlet it’s going to be a disaster anyway.

For someone who’s made a career out of glorifying revenge, violent madness, stomach-churning violence, comical murder, gross criminality, and mano a mano High Noon standoffs as the essence of masculine power and sexuality, he’s got a lot to answer for before he starts making movies about Jesus Christ.

Maybe if he’d made more movies like Gallipoli and less like Payback I’d be inclined to take him more seriously, but come on. It’s like being asked to swallow a biopic of St. Francis by Jean-Claude Van Damme or “The Gautama Buddha Story” produced by Charles Bronson.

Shut up, Mel.
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