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bad idea alcohols

from an irc discussion with stimps, fimmtiu, halfjack and others:

chocolate chip avalanche bailey’s pukey irishmen’s club sandwich in a glass
Ginseng and Buttnut Licor D’Amor
M&M&M: M&M’s and Maledictine
Old Doc McIBS’s Blocked Intestinal Schnapps
Primo Placento, a wine for Today’s Mother
Uncle Bob’s Hard Gravy
Old Man Thymus’ Smooth Sippin’ Sweetbread
Black Mold Vodka
bubble gum bourbon
Gin with tapioca pearls
B&B&B -- benedictine, brandy and BLUEBERRY GELATO
Benedictine & Balut
Anise & Ambergris Liqueur
Creme de Smegme
KKK Reserve: Kentucky Kracker Kooze
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