The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

the barracuda represents puberty

Yes! I am Madame Defarge. I let the phone ring six times; i don’t even think they have an answering machine. His idea of “safe for work” is unreliable. The guy is Gaston. I think we were reminiscing that night when he showed up. She told me “I already packed some of your stuff in boxes” and I said “Uhh.. thanks?” I have $200 right now. That’s what parents are for, they can add guilt to everything. Whee! I’m a secretary! I love it!

I watched the guy walk directly into a wall. Bible Mike singing, oh no. Don was asking about some incident with coffee throwing and I was worried. The fact that this person is driving at all shows that there are big problems. There’s your chance to be a privy pirate again!

He’s a great guy until he shares his inner ideas and philosophy with you, and then whoo! I got governmented again. I had two people call me who had forgotten that they had killed someone. i’ve been that person and I’ve been the other person too, and they both suck.

Great, he’s being Passive McGressive.

Yeah, I’ve been Mister No Consequences before. Do you even know how to make waffles?
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