The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

i shot the banana

Dinner tonight with B & H. Club sandwich, potato salad, and sorrow. It’s interesting how easy it is to leave my own troubles behind when friends are being screwed so hard by life that I can hear the wood squeak.

Maenad, reggit, odradak and others at D’s. Pleasant conversation. I kept hitting Metaspy on the Sidekick to general hilarity.

About 80% of my friends are having serious traumatic life problems of one kind or another right now. It’s as though the evil planets had all lined up and were beaming evil radiation straight through our tinfoil hats into our brainstems causing evil evilness. Please stop, O planets.

The Lido Diner is a really great place. Dinner with the right amount of food for < $10, waitstaff so nice they seem like Stepford Servers.

It takes four shots of B&B to make me forget that I suck.
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