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1) At the airport in International Arrivals yesterday, the big board listed flights coming in from all over: London, Taipei, Paris, etc. And two flights from different airlines both arriving from POSITIONAL. WTF? Is their departure city being determined by the position of the Earth? Or are they arriving from TIMECUBE-ALIEN-ALGEBRAIC-ALCHEMICAL-POSITIONAL-VORTEXNINE or something?

2) I shouted out "Who killed the Kennedys" when you all knew it was you and me.

3) I have been trying to read the book Fast Food Nation which has all kinds of juicy (ha) horrible muckraking stuff in it about fast food. It's almost unreadable, though, because the author is a standard model left wing radical who cannot stop weaving everything into a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that Proves It's All a Plot by the Money Elite. John Wayne has to be involved, and Ollie North, etc. Overstating the case hurts the real point, which is that human evil and stupidity have produced some really shitty food.

4) I've got an uncontrollable urge (he's got an uncontrollable urge.)

5) Carr's Table Water Biscuits taste just like waffle style ice cream cones if you eat them right after a shot of Patron Silver Tequila.
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