The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I would like to ask David Lynch to stop making the movie of my life

eamajyn sings like an angel. That was the good thing about tonight. Wow. I would go back to hear her again, only.

Aside from that. Well, I would like to tell everyone now that Totally Coffee in Costa Mesa, CA was built on an Indian Burial Ground. I was still just pulling into the parking lot when I was threatened by some insane woman who deliberately walked behind my car and yelled DON’T RUN INTO ME I’LL FUCKING KICK YOUR ASS! And that was the whole feeling of the place.

The crowd there scares me. It’s a mix of Gamer Geek (plus-size ladies with long straight hair and scifi t-shirts, men in inappropriate fedoras with black jackets) and Drugged-Out Loser types. The nice people I saw there tonight I already knew. Good to see lyn23 and miss_geek whom I don’t often see. But wow, the other people there just oozed depression, failure, brokenness, and spite. It felt like the saddest of the high school geeks growing old together and hating each other.

eamajyn really sang beautifully. Like all musicians she hated her performance. Shush, you.

As for the other crap that went down tonight: vegemitelover and bruisedhips are my friends for life, and I know that more than ever tonight. There’s nothing like shared trauma to make you know who you love, and who loves you. When someone threatens and abuses the ones I love, it reminds me again how much I treasure them. Be happy, friends, whatever that happiness is.

And, to the other party involved: when a party of drug-addled loser teenagers, subculture stereotypes, and dorky band camp kids says to me after you leave “What. A. Lo. Ser.” it means you’re not on the right path in life. Think about it, rageboy.
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