The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

three letter bands

bruisedhips wandered away from an IM conversation earlier and I punished the poor woman with REO Speedwagon lyrics.

This got me to thinking about three letter bands from the 70s, and how much they sucked. It seemed to be a thing with bad pop bands and dinosaur rock guys to give themselves 3 letter abbreviations. Here’s a list:

MSG (Michael Schenker Group, augh)

Any others? REM was later, and didn’t suck until the 90s. I remember at once point in the 80s the Little River Band (augh) tried to cut their hair short and look vaguely New and called themselves “LRB” for one album. We all laughed really hard at that. I know some people called Blue Oyster Cult “BOC” but I don’t think they ever put that on their albums or anything like that.

I’m dropping the 3 letter thing in my continuing torment of my unfortunate friend. I think she’s getting Supertramp next, and then maybe some.. aww crap, she signed off.
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