The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

down and out in the o.c.

Good conversation tonight with realitylost, pbd, and then bruisedhips and vegemitelover Wide ranging and thoughtful talk, always pleasant.

Susie shared a food with me which was good also; half orders of restaurant food are perfect for me now.

I managed to get a really good spit take out of Hils; I was proud. Apparently this is a frequent problem for her, though.

Two ladies were working the bar at D’s tonight, one in her sixties and the other in her late forties. They both have multiple jobs and one of them cares for aged relatives as well as for her own children. Welcome to the New Economy. I feel really bad for them.

This is in contrast to the Super-Rich around here, whom I experienced today in full force. Usually I don’t notice these people because my neighborhood isn’t like that, nor are the places I hang out. But today I was at a Starbucks, and later at a shopping center, and wow. They are really annoying. They’re all perfect physically, many of them rebuilt in various ways, and they are oiled up with so much unnecessary wealth that they practically drip it: Italian suit, salon tan, perfect hair, resonant baritone voice rented from sound stage, etc. They’re all very plastic and high-maintenance. I understand now why bruisedhips doesn’t want to raise Owen around here. It wasn’t like that when I was a kid. Blurf.

I hate the end of the evening when everyone goes home. I just want to talk all night.
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