The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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irc moment

<brev> how old are you again, zeb?
<zebulon_y> 27
<ignatz> he's 63. we served together in Korea
<zebulon_y> dangit! secret's out!
<ignatz> been blood brothers ever since that day at Chosin when the commies came over the wire
* ignatz clutches a bayonet and stares out into the night
<zebulon_y> Emptied three goddamn clips and the red tide kept coming and then goddamnit I took one in the leg and WHO WAS THERE??! WHO WAS FUCKING THERE?? MY MAN IGNATZ, THAT'S FUCKING WHO!
<ignatz> GODDAM!!
<ignatz> swig
<zebulon_y> swig
<zebulon_y> you realize that no conscious part of me wrote the above
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