The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

for best thing to staunch the flow probably not going to stick

last time around again as same as this worrying at the knot never unties it, someone brought me gifts but left banging around in here hoping there’s more than this water that tastes like metal, chest tight and mouth dry for hours wondering what hit him it’s better than just being numb but that’s a tough call I think she had something to say but couldn’t last time around again as same as this running through thoughts that oughtn’t be thought press head on the sink it feels cool, feed the animal she doesn’t care about your issues didn’t think the car got that bad a tap but better check it out perhaps i should just be quiet but my own noise is all i’ve got, drawn to the worst possible ideas like they were sugar, last time around again as same as this making an unattractive display but not as bad as it could be, sure we’re all friends here I have it about half done take a whack at it, you know you never wanted to spend time one on one with me anyway, everything clear enough in retrospect but now we’re too far in, last time around again as same as this
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