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A blast from my past? I think so.

I just realized who this guy is that H and B ran into at the swap meet, and who raved at them about strange things.

He’s the nutball who used to work at the Apollo Bookstore years ago when it was on Newport behind Coast Music at 18th. He often dressed in a similar costume, but even more extreme. Frequently he would be in a full Scots Guards uniform from the 19th century, or a WWI soldier’s uniform, while on duty at the book store. At the tender age of 14 or so I was constantly lectured by him on the joys of being a “scotsman”, and of military reenactment, and how it was manly to wear a kilt, etc.

This has to be the same guy, just aged appropriately. Mustache is now gray but I’d recognize the manic grin and the tamoshanter anywhere.
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