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neural noogies for nattering nabobs

The designers of my Powerbook’s keyboard were kind enough to put little bumps on the f and j keys for centering. This is a great boon to those of us who occasionally type with a cat sitting on us, obscuring our view of the keys.

A lot of my friends seem to be having a hard time lately. There were a lot of drawn or red-eyed faces in my day today. I hope all of you feel better soon. Most of us could use some better luck.

It was good to get out of the house this evening and be with friends, though. As much as I blather about being anxious or feeling bad around people, it’s not true; I always like to see the people I care about and enjoy.

To answer the musical question I had with hensatc and the_silent_one today: Yes, there are.

Tonight I am not lying; I really am making bread. 3 hours and 40 minutes to whole wheat flaxseed!
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