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hell's food court

zebulon_y and I, up too late, conjured up a series of restaurants, including:

Welcome to Darwin!
[abe:~] ignatz% vi restaurants

Club CJD: A Beefery
Country Splaws Bulimia Buffet
Pro-Ana Rice Cakehouse and Vomitorium
Livejournal’s: A Mopery
Ackbar’s, where Dining is a Trap!
Captain Tubgirl’s Catch (All-You-Can-Fill-Buckets)
TGI Plushie’s
Goatse’s: Steaks, Spirits, and omg wtf
Furdango: A Bar for Yiffers
La Vaca Loca Tacos al Carbon de los Priones Grandes
Chuck E. Chigger’s Parasitorium and Fluke Bar

and my old favorite:
Smokey McDander’s Old Tyme Allergye Bar
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