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kennfusion reminded me of this problem

Pet peeve: people who think that “everyone in Southern California” or even more amusingly “Everyone in California” is superficial, obsessed with beauty and wealth, and in shallow pursuit of someone to use.


Dear The Everyone Else:

Southern California is a large place full of many types of people, including but not limited to: Longshoremen, 85-year-old Armenian Ladies, Russian Jewish Immigrants, aerospace engineers, respiratory therapists, Foursquare Gospel deacons, industrial laborers, Mexican-American lesbians, lots and lots of Korean people, and an assortment of shallow, beauty-obsessed twits who moved here because they thought that’s what we were about.

Do not believe your TV. That last group is small and insignificant to the rest of us.



P.S. And if you include all of California, please note that Redding, Needles, Salinas, San Bruno, Porterville, Hemet, El Centro, and Auburn have very little to do with the Melrose Place lifestyle either.
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