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A Shout Out to My Pepys [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The American Caliban

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ITEMS. [Jan. 5th, 2004|04:43 pm]
The American Caliban
1. One of the employees at Diedrichs is a curly-haired, dreamy, epicene young man who wears Big Rave Pants in his off-duty time. His girlfriend showed up the other day. She is a slow-moving bovine girl who constantly wears an Insane Clown Posse sweatshirt. Drugs are bad.

2. An affable madwoman at church on Sunday was trying to sell Christian Science to the guy behind me, while the guy behind her mumbled in tongues. I think I might need some place more ..structured.. or I’ll get distracted. It’s like trying to attend a lecture on moral philosophy at a health food store.

3. Sesame seeds improve almost all foods.

4. An essential piece of equipment for hanging out at my coffee house is the iPod. Between the hideous screeching of the Sunday Morning “Classical” group and the drunk bartender next door howling out his joy and rage at the world of sports, headphones were DE FREAKIN RIGUEUR yesterday.

5. The casualty list from heroin and speed among D’s employees is getting out of control. They’ve got to stop using that place as a halfway house; it’s a business for goodness sakes.

[User Picture]From: nosrialleon
2004-01-05 06:47 pm (UTC)
1 mmkay.

2 I can understand that you do not intend to go to church for it surreality, but that sounds delightful to me! Plus CS is now forever linked in my brain to the insane black man singing Mary Baker Eddy texts to a strummed out of tune acoustic guitar without even trying to play chords while disheviled hand puppets cavort in the background.

3 Sesame oil, however, ruins most foods. Of course, I recognise that I am mostly alone in this assertion.

4 or cd player or laptop. But yeah.

5 You mean on the way to the gutter right? I don;t remember that many people after BC and pr0k that actually left that place in better shape than when they arrived.
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[User Picture]From: bruisedhips
2004-01-05 07:23 pm (UTC)
icp girl is that hot piece of asses girlfriend?
Oh man.
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[User Picture]From: vegemitelover
2004-01-05 10:53 pm (UTC)
1. Like I said. Less suave... more D&D. Is it just me, or does that guy look kinda like Johnny Dep?

2. The doors are open.

3. Yes. Very much. Just be carefull with the oil.

4. I usually solve that problem with one word... "Alta"

5. You can't tell me that enough letters to the OC Weekly wouldn't start a round of "random" testing...
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[User Picture]From: frobisher
2004-01-05 10:56 pm (UTC)
Does this mean that sesame seeds improve sesame seeds? And that the ultimate food could be created by adding sufficient sesame seeds to other sesame seeds?
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