The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Thank you for calling

One of our journals will be with you momentarily.

Journals as a writing format present some serious problems. For the reader, there's not much more than voyeurism provided unless the subject is famous or otherwise interesting to others (most of us aren't).

For the writer it's even worse. Here are your choices: accuracy, self promotion, self-abasement: pick two. Or just flat out boredom.

Today I watched football for 5 hours and was paid for it. It's a strange world. I sat there with my feet up and clicked away at keys making sure some trivial information was provided to others, bought a hat over the Web (I lose hats), and tried not to fall asleep.

Increasingly I think sleep is the natural state of humans and should be encouraged. Most of the crappy things I've experienced have been while awake.

Join me, sleepers, and snore away the next 50 years of war. My n key is breaking.
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