The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban


I have now received the third identical health benefits I.D. card for work. It’s nice that the change in plans is being handled well enough that we get our I.D. cards before the start of the year, but getting three of them makes me nervous.

I also just got my traffic ticket information. $189 (with traffic school) for a U-turn. Ouch.

eHarmony just matched me with four completely impossible people. Are there that many dental hygienists and H.R. admins named LaVonda or Morianna who have a zest for life and three kids and need a sugar daddy, like, NOW? And is there something our nation’s military could do about this?

If we actually make it out of the D’s parking lot in time I should be down at the Christmas Boat Parade tonight, which makes for good photo ops at least.

I’m depressed.
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