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organ meats, kraut rock, and knives

Finally celebrated my birthday. My mother took me out for dinner at Pescadou, which was as good as always. I ate tapenade, a good salad, rognons de veau au sauce de moutarde, and bread pudding, all washed down with a good Sonoma Zinfandel. The place is a deal too: $18 prix fixe per person sans vin.

Presents were nice. My brother’s family got me things off my wish list, so I now have a good Henckels chef’s knife and Can’s Tago Mago. This means that because of Nick’s generosity I now have two Tago Mago CD’s. Anyone want one? I’m keeping the newer one Paul got me, because it’s like newer and stuff.

Two sweaters from mom, which are nice to have, and the Red Maenad very unexpectedly left a very interesting-looking book about religion and literature on my doorstep. Hugs to Lisa!

I was in line at the bookstore tonight and I was one of two people in a line of ten who were actually buying books. God? It’s time for the Fire.
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