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That's how we do it in the O.C.,1,5408608.story?coll=la-editions-orange

use genital/genital for username/pw if you don’t register

The sequence of events:

1. Young son of rich local participates in gang rape of a minor at dad’s house and videotapes it

2. The tape somehow gets to the police

3. Dad, who is a sort of honorary sheriff’s deputy, attempts a coverup and obstruction of justice with the collusion of senior officials in the Sheriffs Department

4. The cops proceed with their investigation despite political pressure

5. Someone distributes flyers with the victim’s last name in them, fishing for info

6. As a result of this and questioning of the rapist’s mother, Mrs. Rapist then sues the police department, attempting to get access to the victim that otherwise would be impossible.

These people all need to go to Hell, directly, via a huge crack in the earth like at the end of Don Giovanni.

Oh, and per the OC Weekly, it just gets worse.
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