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insert san francisco cliche

Wow, what a great town. I'm staying at this crazy hotel which is full of hip-hop musicians and burned out friendly old sixties rejects. I'm smack between Chinatown and Union Square, in a kind of tiny French Quarter.

So far I've mostly just done walking and eating, both very satisfactory. Had a tremendous Italian meal in a sidewalk cafe on a sunny afternoon, which is about as close to Paradise as I can get. Also one very nice Chinese meal (prawns with walnuts!). Tomorrow it's off to museums, specifically the Cartoon Art Museum which has a Gorey exhibit.

I ate at John's Grill tonight, of Maltese Falcon fame. I had a big piece of cow and two martinis. I dunno how businessmen in the old days had a "three martini lunch" since a "two martini dinner" left me feeling as though I'd been under a hippo.

I went to a Scottish Imports Store and bought a bottle of good single malt whisky from a laid off former dot-com sysadmin today. "I specialized in startups," he said mournfully as he wrapped up my purchase, "I should have diversified when I hit it big the first time with Marimba."
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