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Things I have learned over the years (mostly job stuff)

A random sampling of Big Lessons I have learned at various jobs and other life experiences:

1. Confidence is almost everything. Do what you need to do when you need to do it, and you're right more often than you expect.

2. If something can be fixed or improved, do so immediately. Do not wait.

3. Assume that other people have something to contribute and listen to them. Don't dismiss anyone until it's been thoroughly proven that this person is useless.

4. Open anger and rudeness are weapons of last resort. Only use them when you have exhausted more polite options.

5. If you're in an organization and you need to make changes, stop and ask yourself "who else needs to know about this?" and communicate before implementing.

6. Don't ever be afraid to be forthright and open about your opinions on professional topics. It's better to suffer the consequences of public error than to hide your expertise.

7. A career is what happens to you after a series of jobs in most cases. Do not stress over your "career".

8. Treat jobs like school; a place where you learn and where you are entitled to contribute.

9. Get money and status problems out of the way at the job interview and then forget about that stuff between reviews. Doing work well is its own reward almost all the time.

10. If you hate a task or assignment, concentrate as hard as you can on doing it well. It goes by faster and gives more satisfaction if the hated work is done beautifully.

ok, off soapbox now
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