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roundabout a million bucks he said, of course that isn't so much

I said well I thought they moved to the most desolate spot, you know, and there's no way they can come back now. We have to find someone really, really anti-war for him. Cheesecake on a stick! We need to get everyone in one damn room and fix this, tomorrow. I want this transaction to be executed, done, done, done, done. I get what you mean about Indian food, it just all looks the same on the plate. I think Costa Mesa needs a new helicopter. She didn't need to spend ten minutes explaining MP3s to that girl. The thing to do is say you're Canadian. If it's Nelly Furtado then you're glad it's not on the rotation.

It wasn't the dollar that pissed me off, it was the attitude. I just don't see him and her as being on different levels, myself. That poor girl, they really fucked up her methadone level. I said to him "I dunno, I'm just carrying her bags." When they climbed up they sang happy birthday and when they climbed down they sang "Celebrate", for two straight hours. Boy #1 is out of the picture.

It was even worse when I realized what song they were playing.

I guess my experiment in honesty has been a failure, but it was more of a fizzle than a bang.
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