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When I said "wobbling" I guess I meant a noise.

The wine was 25 years old in the bottle and poured out like syrup. The company was actually named for his wife's family, no one knew that. We haven't played this game since I was in college. He laughed like one of the Stooges. No way, no way, I didn't ever say that. Have you stopped speaking to me? He's probably borderline autistic but you have to understand the man is an astrophysicist. She can sure pick 'em. He brought Gypsies here from Russia and it was a complete disaster. His aorta just blew up. What the, the what the fuck, fuckin'. Thank God you're online. The things are expensive to maintain, is part of it, I mean I spent $40 on one of them yesterday. You are here, and you are there, and you are the one with the cat! It's illegal to eat turkey here today. We've learned a lot tonight, and it's all completely trivial and stupid.

That thing you said about drawing, it reminded me, that's one of the things he did so well.

I hope I get to spend at least part of tomorrow upright.

It's a dead issue, and I never should have said anything.
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