The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Here Comes Everybody!

She stands behind me in the kitchen and takes the spoon out of my hand and hands me another. What can I say, I'm a natural lunatic. Those scooters were made for clotheslines. Tell you what, I'll call back in a week and we'll get this thing going, right? ok? right? Please respond asap as I have a conference call with the interested parties. I'm going to have 9 because 12 gives you cancer. Serious as a heart attack. It's a, what do you call it, fraud problem. The Tesh never stops. They had a metal bible there, I am not kidding. I have a schwoo up me. My gardener has two colors of skin. We're working on it but we have no ETA. I am not selling anything; this is an opportunity. I turned the pan upside down and FLOP. That's his "good" outfit, he only has one. All right my man, there you go, enjoy. That's what I'm sayin'. Like I said. I just love to laugh, love my kids, love to travel. I think it usually means you have to make some really big changes. I'm over it. It's crazy. I think I did it.
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