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irc fun/cholera epidemic

<vorsprung> because it's the "big match today" and I felt ill this morning
<vorsprung> i felt I had to come in to work or everyone would believe I was having a sick day under false pretences
<ignatz> and that's how athletics leads to major epidemics.
<Skrewtape> Ban atheltics!
<Skrewtape> I wonder if I can't type because I don't care, or if I don't care because I can't type
<ignatz> patient zero in the Great cholera epidemic of 2002
<Skrewtape> Ir order to spread cholera at his workplace, wouldn't he have to take a shit in the water cooler?
<ignatz> just in the crisper in the office fridge i think
<Skrewtape> But still, at that point it gets difficult to blame the world cup
<cogent> Wait a second. Are you telling me the water cooler is a bad place to shit?
<Skrewtape> It is if you have cholera
<vorsprung> also when you die of cholera don't leave your corpse in the water cooler
<Skrewtape> Right
<Skrewtape> Or even part of it
<ignatz> it's all in the Employee Handbook
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