The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Ignorant armies clash by night

Tonight's stupid fight was a perfect example to me of why I hate talking politics. Ironically it started with a discussion about talk radio, which I despise because it turns everything into a hateful shouting match between stereotypes.

And then we had something damned close to that. One person disagreed with five others, and there was a lot of shouting down and emoting and anecdotal generalization and character assassination, and catch phrases, and talking without listening, and generalizing from personal experience.

And hate it as much as I do, I got caught up in it also and was the worst of the lot really. It's pretty easy to push my button and turn me into the moderate-liberal version of Bill O'Reilly.

The thing I hate about talk radio think, and about the kind of crap we got into tonight, is that it reduces every argument about politics, religion, or philosophy to the nasty little gutter of personal attack. And it's very seductive. I fell tonight.

Next time I'll just leave before it gets that far, and go for a nice walk. My friendships are a lot more important to me than a bunch of political shit I can't change. I just hope the damage wasn't permanent.

If anyone starts shit in this thread I'm just killing it. No time for that now. Two Minutes Hate is over.
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