The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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A good day

Woke up early, which I seem to do lately even if I've been carousing. Spent most of the day doing computer housekeeping and playing with the cat, drinking coffee, and enjoying the beautiful post-rain weather.

I completely upgraded iggy to new apache+perl+php+mod_ssl setup which is making your eyes glaze over but trust me it's good.

The kids who came by trick or treating in my neighborhood were all incredibly nice. Mostly cute, too; tiny 2 year olds in frog suits, etc. I was very amused by the 12-13 year old boy in the Slipknot costume though, and a bit worried by the 9 year old girls in USC Cheerleader outfits.

Language is a virus from outer space.
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