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After the fire comes the rain, and the mac n cheese

In my usual half-assed yet hospital fashion I had people over this evening. Some people dressed up (well!) and others didn't. I can never tell if anyone else is having a good time because I am amped up, stressed out, and verb preposition in a number of ways.

Here's pictures.

Jesus, a bloody bride, Lara Croft, two military men and at least two movie characters, and a tinfoil hat showed up.

The end of the night, like the end of all my nights, was a Diedrichs cup with lipstick on it.

Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown? I don't. I've been through football season, and Lucy always pulls the football away.

The pie was damned good. Go Bethya.

Hils wins costume contest.

I got a rock.
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