The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

asshole moratorium suggestion?

It has been subtly pointed out to me a couple of times (you know who you are) that I'm pretty harsh on people, including people that don't deserve it.

I realize that about 80% of my humor and smalltalk is negative, often about basically nice people who aren't perhaps the best targets.

Also, it's painfully obvious that I'm the typical Angry Comedian in a lot of ways. Enraged at things I cannot fix, I savage anything nearby to produce humor, which then causes others to laugh and like me.

I'm going to try to stop doing this for a while. New rule: the Sarcastron-9000 only gets directed at the "truly needy", deserving targets.

Please call me on it immediately if I start talking shit, even amusingly, about people who don't need to get hurt like that. Even just hurt in a voodoo doll way.


the Management
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