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bofh rant, sorry

Ok, latest thing that fucking PISSES ME OFF is pretend email. You know, the websites or applications that keep telling you that you have "messages" and they aren't "messages" that you want or need, or even messages from a human or a regular mailing list. They're imitation email. Amazon does this. So does RealOne. I figure some coked-out marketing whore decided that "Uhh..uhh.. people read email. So let's make our crap look like email."

It's about as fucking sophisticated as those SPECIAL EXPRESS SERVICE NO I'M NOT FEDEX BUT I PRETEND junk mail envelopes that arrive and always contain offers for exciting flatware or used marital aids or something crappy like that.

I don't know why, but this kind of condescending, brain-dead trickery just makes me angry as hell. Especially when I reflect that the rotting fetal pigs that come up with this stuff make about three times what I do.

Harrumph! Harrumph harrrumph harrrrrumph!
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