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marsupial parallax fart agenda

Pretty good evening over at Catherine's. I didn't think I would go, because I was still feeling socially retarded. Went anyway. Everyone else got drunk off their asses and I had one glass of wine. Home made pizza is always a huge win. Talked excitedly about music with this guy Dan whom I hadn't met before. Waving arms around and shouting happily about THE REALLY HEAVY STUFF we both like, you know that crap where punk gets totally out of control and 69's with metal. Crunch crackle BOOM ow my tympanic membrane.

Meanwhile of course vegemitelover was drunkenly dancing to Madonna.

Tomatoes stuffed with risotto are a Good Thing.

The air stinks of smoke and huge chunks of ash are falling on me.

Bought at Tower today: Turbonegro's "Ass Cobra", King Crimson's "Discipline", Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted double CD deluxe thingy, and I finally replaced my copy of Big Star's 3rd.

Couldn't listen to that last one tonight, though. 3rd/Sister Lovers is a risk factor for depression.

got any gum?
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