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If I knew heartbreak was comin, I woulda set out runnin

I showed up at the local tonight and very suddenly realized that it was the wrong place to be, in about fifty ways at once. I practically pivoted and walked out. Sorry pbd for missing you; that was lame.

I went drivin' and cryin' for a bit. It's great that I can at least temporarily solve difficult emotional problems in life with internal combustion. Drove out to I-15 and Foothill Blvd. (otherwise known as Route 66), gassed up, drove back.

In the process I realized that my problem is in fact not a teenaged sex drama problem, but an elementary school best friend problem. Damn. Now I wish I'd been able to drive in fourth grade.

Came back much later to a nice short convo with kennfusion.

I hate pictures of myself about 99.99% of the time. They always remind me that I somehow turned from the skinny kid with promise into the large lumpy mess with issues. I am aware that this is a knee-jerk dumb reaction and yet it still happens.

Ferdinand is playing Oct. 30 at the Scene in Glendale. Who wants ta go? They're gooooooood.
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