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An odd but pleasant evening. Went down to "Lake Forest" to see Crack Sunday, whom I hadn't seen before.

Because this was South Orange County, the rock 'n' roll bar was in a strip mall. Not just any strip mall, but the only one in South County with sin. There was the CAPTAIN CREAM strip club, a branch of the nightclub chain called "The Drink/Rock N Sushi", a Hookah Bar (??), and probably other suitably franchisable naughtiness. That whole part of Southern California is one long series of Simpsons jokes.

Crack Sunday was good. I'm always glad when a friend is in a band that *doesn't* suck, because it's so painful being polite otherwise. They're somewhere in the large gooey zone between Tool and Yes, which sounds odd now that I'm typing it. I'll put up some pics tomorrow after I REBUILD MY GIMP unless everything I took sucked.

I ordered a Maker's Mark on the rocks and the bartender had no end of trouble opening the red wax, and finding out the price. I don't think she's very good at bartending.

At one point a crowd of South O.C. losers who looked like they were at lunch from the office rambled on in and bruisedhips muttered "Lake Forest represent!"

genericus is, like, good at playing the bass, and stuff.
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