January 12th, 2006


Nonfiction Nation

The real reason James Frey and J.T. Leroy are depressing is that they show us once again that we're unimaginative people who won't buy a made-up story. It has to be real, just as it happened, and authentic because it was written by the person who was there! And even if the writing itself is fiction, it has to be written by someone who is real! Not one of those writers who sits in a room writing, but a soldier or a movie star or someone who was brutally abused as a child, and will talk about it on TV.

If Frey had written a novel about an alcoholic criminal fuckup and his journey through life, or if that couple in SF had presented J.T. Leroy as a fictional protagonist, they might have got a $20,000 advance and no royalties if they were very, very lucky.

Imagination is left to the kids, who get to enjoy Harry Potter having made-up adventures in a much more interesting world. Long live J.K. Rowling!
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We'll always have Perris (slight return)

  1. Always at the frontier of Green Eggs and Ham research, the Taiwanese have made important steps toward the production of Green Ham. Thanks, mrhinelander!

  2. No, your fetus doesn't mean you can drive in the carpool lane, twit!

  3. Dear LJ: this is a bad idea. Hugs, me.

  4. URSI found the secret Vatican archives! Neat stuff.

  5. Hey look, here's a blog consultant. DYAAAAH

  6. Also from AdJab, can any of you explain any of this? Something about a lifestyle website, and a blogger who was hired to make it more bloggy and cool, and he's leaving, and doesn't want his bloggy cool tainted for "selling out", and. I need an aspirin.

  7. No matter how much you love her, DO NOT KISS YOUR CHICKEN.

  8. Okay everyone, it's time for TONIGHT WITH THE BRADMAN! (Google video)

  9. This wonderful Australian online exhibit of artists' books reminded me of Renée and Judd Hubert's work at the UCI Library. godforesaken, if you have an email for Judd you should send it to him! Via Bibliodyssey page that has some greatest hits.

  10. Someday I'll meet her, someday I'll court her, someday she'll wear my ring.

  11. Augh, again with the Indigo Kids (ny times).