November 17th, 2004


Hoax, or Real?

A lot of media attention today on which purports to be a site that allows you to shoot a gun via the internet. Stinks of hoax from top to bottom to me. There’s no real contact info, the site’s domain is cloaked by a privacy service, and it’s just the perfect sort of troll that gets the news people interested.

However, we live in insane times. And it’s about America and guns. And it’s in Texas! What’s your call?

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Hoax, or real?

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I just got an automated phone call from the recorded voice of one Peter Bell, who apparently is in charge of C.A.R.E.

I immediately started to cringe, partly because I hate automated phone calls and partly because I thought “oh no, they aren’t going to...”

He delivered a short eulogy to Margaret Hassan and then asked that everyone honor her memory by working for a more peaceful world. And he didn’t ask for a contribution, or even give contact info or tell me to go to a website or anything. He just said thank you.

So, despite the automated phone call, I’ve got say this guy is a class act.