March 25th, 2004


The brain is a poorly understood organ

List of things I do that have no point or rhyme or reason or meaning but are compulsive and necessary:
  • Say “you are the cat!” to the cat, often
  • Count while peeing as if the number when I finish is significant
  • Rest one hand on the gearshift while driving although I have not driven stick for many years
  • Look at pretty girls
  • Continue through a story doggedly even when I realize everyone has heard it
  • Shake a bottle of pills slightly before taking one
  • Spin the vinyl backwards when putting a vinyl record on a turntable
  • Get up every day and live my life in the absence of evidence that it’s meaningful
  • Take a toothpick from the restaurant front counter
  • Try to repair damaged friendships
  • Bark at dogs