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My Day at the Polls [bodybuilding,bdsm,n/c,corrupt,anal,trample,nazi]

Are we governed by a nazi robot yet?

Did the Cubs lose yet?

Hey, i'm coming up on my [deleted] anniversary of no dates whatsoever! Tonight I have sushi with the One That Got Away, Mk. VII. Gosh it's great that I'm such good friends with all the women who don't like me quite well enough to date me. I excel at mediocrity and consolation prizes. Willy Loman, Super Genius, at your service.

The programmers are playing loud games. I guess I don't need to work either, then. I wonder what possesses someone in an office to think that slamming things against the wall and hooting like a proboscis monkey being jacked off is appropriate.

I'm not nearly as bitter as this sounds. Had a great conversation last night with kennfusion, bruisedhips, and the_silent_one and hensatc. At least I'm not at reggiT's office having an Enforced Ice Cream Social.

I'll be at D's, or maybe at Ruba later if my dinner goes long. Unrequited passion and yellowtail sashimi sometimes take more than 45 minute.
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