The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The Devil's Own School Bus

School Bus of Fear

On a side street in a wealthy suburban neighborhood overlooking the water, we see: a schoolbus, unmarked, plugged in to someone's power, clean and obviously customized, with spikes on the front hubcaps. Possibilities include:
  • Cool awesome extreme sports anti-drug mobile extreme awesomeness vehicle!

  • Purpose-built vehicle for school bus races.

  • Intentionally scary Freddy Krueger type schtick by horror movie aficionados/Coil fans/over-the-top leather guys/Turbonegro fans.

  • Bro mistake.
You make the call.
Tags: fear, frankencar, newport beach, phear, school, transit, truckmuscle, xxxtreme, yakspam
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