The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Dear Lazyweb: Mac Terminal Question

I like to use the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font at 14 points in my Terminal. It's the right size and is easy on my eyes. (Rhyme.)

I also like an 80 x 24 terminal. Many programs I use agree.

When I maximize the terminal with the little green button, and then minimize it again, it goes to 79 x 24 instead. This sets off my compulsive brain and I need to manually resize it. Plus, some software will bitch and say "need 80 columns at least!" or just look crummy.

I can change fonts or resize and the problem goes away. But I don't WANT to change fonts or resize.

Do any Mac wizards out there have a solution?

I remain always your faithful servant &c. &c.
Tags: lazyweb, mac
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