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A series of lists

  1. Things I observed taking the long way home from downtown through southeast Los Angeles today
    • Norms Restaurant with neon failure renaming it NOMS
    • Burger joint with neon failure resulting in BUGERS
    • Cop trying to fix his own cop car
    • One out of five businesses of any kind offering free wi-fi

  2. Things I lost today and then recovered
    • My wallet, which fell out of my pants and then under my car in the garage at work. Found during trip back to garage from office.
    • A credit card, which fell out of the wallet as the wallet fell out of my pants, arriving at a point under the car eight inches further. Found during second, more frustrated trip to garage.
    • A check worth way more than I can afford to lose, found in wrong envelope in small stack of things to throw away on seat of car.
    • Sunglasses (TWICE)

  3. Things heard on the emergency services radio on my scanner in the last week
    • Robbery with suspect being sought: six foot three male wearing oversized foam cowboy hat and carrying (stolen) inflatable parrot toy
    • Fire consisting of a "fully involved roll of toilet paper"
    • The Rodriguez brothers again
    • Person returning once again to store where he had stolen the same thing six times

  4. Phrases I heard at the Harbor & Adams Starbucks on the way home
    • "Standing in the studs"
    • "The Asian lady at the post office was particularly durable"
    • "Street monster"
    • "It was like I just kept flipping over rocks and seeing the same bugs each time"
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