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My Holiday Wish For All, Damnit

Hi there.

As snowflakes fall on happy little upturned faces and the wassail bowl is flung down decked halls, our minds turn inevitably to how everything is going to hell on hot greased rails. Therefore, here's my holiday wish for the world:

1. Spend less time raging at the extremes, trolls, and obviously manufactured non-issues you see on the television. Shun Sarah Palins, ACORNs, that crazy thing about the President dad sent in email, and Michael Moore. Almost none of it matters, and the people repeating it have no love for you.

2. Instead, look around where you live. Find out what's right and wrong with your town and your neighborhood. Look up who runs things and get to know those people better. Find the local charities and political action groups and see what can be fixed or encouraged locally. It's way harder to be BS'd when you can see what's happening, and way more rewarding to see change.

3. Pay more attention to your local political representatives and their opponents. Encourage what's good and discourage what's bad to them, early and often. It's the best way to deal with the pain of #1.

4. Lose an argument now and then. No, really.

Ho ho ho,

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