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Good conversation tonight

With bruisedhips, kennfusion, foo2rama, and Nick who seems not to want an LJ. Dammit Nick, I'll give you a code.

Anyway we talked about: famous interesting people, books, movies, religion, and the incredibly slow and annoying service at the coffee house.

They appear to be trying out some type of psychological experiment or performance art in which coffee is delayed in bizarre and inexplicable ways in order to test our reactions.

Kenn, maybe everyone but you has "I was electrocuted" stories, but I'm the one without "I was arrested" stories myself. How I avoided that, I dunno.

Maybe the next round should be "Bad reactions to psychotropic medications". That's always good for a laff riot.

Conversing with eyeteeth later, we decided that a good Quiz/LJ Virus question would be:

When you're a ghost, what will you constantly be doing, and what will be needed to put you to rest?

My answer is: I'll be racking a server and putting a boot CD in it and then cursing horribly. Only when you find the Server That Wouldn't Keep Running and fix it can I sleep happily in my grave. What's yours?
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