The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I just lost my sense of humor about American politics.

Hired mobs yelling. Incoherent demagogues. Race hate. Incitements to political violence by broadcasters. Guns brought to political rallies. The worst values pushed by the worst people who have control of media empires.

It feels like a slow rolling coup. I'm nauseated, and I can't deal. My neighbors are spouting deranged propaganda. The broadcast media is filling up with McCarthy clones and bullies. There's so much money behind this garbage, from unfunny people who are serious about derailing even the smallest bit of social change.

I used to say that I had confidence in the American people that we would always return to a safer, blander, less crazy vision than the one we might fear. I don't believe that now. Things don't look very good to me.

Current mood: somewhere between "this fucking sucks" and "stockpile ammo."
Tags: politics
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