The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Updated guidelines, initiatives, and talking points


It's time again to review. Let's all stay focused on the issues and talking points listed below, and be sure to bring them up early and often and push the point home. In particular let's remember to use the exact phrases the Department has issued. While it may seem tempting to "freestyle," remember to stick to the carefully prepared ideas and presentations below. Here are the current initiatives:

  • Militarization of chiropractors

  • NAFTA and Clamato: Why Chelada means we have failed

  • Infiltration of family restaurants by homosexualists

  • GPS tracking of at-risk juveniles: unqualified boon, or pork-barrel windfall giveaway?

  • Federal caps on mercury and arsenic content will take water from the elderly. Speak out now!

  • The urgent necessity of school uniforms for university students

  • Private entomology companies can make a difference

  • Premium branded snack and leisure foods and the increasing Chinese threat

As always, thanks for your 110% cooperation. We need to be loud and clear and unified on these points to make the most impact on the issues threatening our families.
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