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What's your pleasure, sir?

It used to be that when I read something on the Internet and disagreed with it in a serious way, I would say something. I might be polite or not, depending on the context, but I'd have that moment of "I cannot remain silent!" and off goes the reply.

This is rare now. I look at something idiotic or wicked or just flat wrong and say: "who the hell CARES?" Is this a sign of a better-tuned brain or just exhaustion at the flood of dumb and nasty? Either way, it isn't as stressful.

I am going to SF next Thursday for business and will be there Thursday afternoon, evening, and some of Friday.

Bob used the phrases "concerned morons," "box-wine rummo," and "bar-stained elbows" today.

What's your favorite nonferrous metal, and why?
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